Bontrager Evoke RL WSD saddle review£60.00

One for the trail divas

BikeRadar score4/5

Bontrager’s female-specific saddle designs are based on research data gathered under laboratory conditions as well as real-world testing. The Evoke RL is built to meet the demands of women who’ll put it through its paces on the trails. The shape differs significantly from many others we’ve tested, with a short length for manoeuvrability complementing a nose that is slightly wider in the midsection, reflecting the way many women use their thighs to help control the bike when moving around out of the saddle.

It’s firm and features a central depression rather than a cutout, so won’t suit everybody, but provides excellent support for sit bones and the recessed area is wide enough to avoid any conflict. It also comes in three sizes, all of which are sold in the UK, making it an excellent choice if you prefer the narrow width of men’s saddles but need extra female-friendly comfort. The whole package is topped off by tough, woven scuff guards that do a grand job of shrugging off knocks and high-performance hollow titanium rails, reducing the weight to race-ready levels.

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