Bontrager Race X Lite review£79.00

A road saddle that quietly ticks all the right boxes

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Bontrager became known for saddles a long time ago, when the old non-Trek-absorbed company teamed up with Titec to make a fine array of mountain bike bum-perches.

Since then, Bontrager saddles have always been somewhat boring in their appearance, and if it wasn't for their performance could be largely ignored in the road market.

But perform they do, and this little item is a stunning combination of comfort, light weight, good quality and great value for money. The hull is carbon composite, but the way it's been made is what gives this saddle its comfy feel.

Only particular sections of the hull have had the resin applied that turns the carbon into its traditional stiff form. The middle of the saddle is soft so that it gives quite easily. Add to this a centre cut-out and a lengthways groove to prevent the padding from bunching up in the middle and you've got a really comfortable saddle that moves with you as you pedal but which remains light.

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  • Discipline: Road, Mountain, Urban, Womens
  • Location: UK, USA, Australia
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