Bontrager Rhythm Saddle review£49.99

Great for steep climbing and easy on the under carriage

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Rhythm Pro saddle is an all-mountain perch with hollow stainless rails, a cropped and squared-off rear for easy manoeuvring on and off the back of the saddle, thicker padding and a dropped nose that's perfect for steep climbing, nose-perched comfort.

Although saddles - like chammies, shoe and helmet fit - are totally subjective, we found the Rhythm to be instantly comfy, based on a good shape with not too much superfluous sofa-soft padding, as well as easy to move around on (and off). Kevlar reinforcements add durability, and the stainless rails help keep the overall weight down to a reasonable 270g, it's also reqsonable value at £49.99.

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