Charge Spoon Titanium saddle review£70.00

All time favourite perch

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Charge Spoon has been getting rave reviews ever since its launch, so riding the upgraded version with ti rails and leather cover was like finding ourselves on our favourite trail and realising that it had been given a subtle but noticeable makeover.

The same understated shape with its sleek profile, lightweight but comfy padding and pressure-relieving channel give great performance and comfort over the sort of techy singletrack riding you’ll find at most trail centres. It copes with steep climbs and fast swoopy descents with the same ease – but with the shock absorbing qualities of the ti rails making everything that bit smoother.

The seat is broad enough to be supportive but doesn’t wreck your moves, plus of course it has that leather cover, which (and we know we keep saying it) does make a longterm difference. It’s all put together in immaculate Charge style with a very robust, well finished construction.

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