Chromag Moon saddle review£92.00

Supportive seating

BikeRadar score3/5

In profile the Moon is distinctive, with a very pronounced upward curve between the seat and nose. The effect when you ride is to make you feel as though you’re sitting right down into the seat. It feels very secure, and with padding that’s firm rather than soft, we found it to be very supportive and good for helping generate pedal power on long climbs and twisting singletrack. The bowed section, which we had thought would prove an obstacle to versatile positioning proved to be just the opposite.

Sliding over it onto the nose we found it makes for more of a seat than a climbing perch – it’s a comfortable and reassuring position. The only downside is that you do need to take more care when setting your bike up so that you get the position just right. We might also argue for a fraction more padding but that would just add to the weight of what is a relatively light saddle for its type, plus titanium rails, a flexy shell and central groove combine to work in place of instant plushness.

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