CrankBrothers Iodine 3 saddle review£79.99

Distinctive perch

BikeRadar score3/5

CrankBrothers are known for distinctive designs and the Iodine 3 certainly fits that description. It's both wide and tall, sat up above its rails as if on stilts. 

The rails are at a different angle relative to the top compared to most saddles, too – you'll need to angle the clamp of your seatpost a little further back to get the Iodine level. At the back it’s relatively flat from side to side, a shape that not everyone gets on with. 

The leather cover is hard wearing but can be distractingly slippery, although the pronounced dip in the centre of the saddle tends to stop you drifting to the ends unless you want to. A ridged section on the nose helps too. Speaking of the nose, it's particularly soft and actually quite pleasant to perch upon for steep climbs.

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