Fizik Arione CX saddle review£109.99

Lightweight, comfy-for-most saddle

BikeRadar score4/5

Take a standard Fizik Arione with its Kium (tubular steel alloy) rails, then remove some padding and add a narrower stitch seam spacing down the middle, and you have the CX. There isn’t a lot of difference in either weight or performance but there certainly is in price. 

The standard Arione is 34g heavier, but it’s £50 cheaper. There’s no denying that the Arione CX is a fantastic saddle that most people will find comfortable, but paying £50 more for thinner padding and a 34g weight saving just doesn’t add up. 

On the sides of the hull there are 'wing flex' sections, which are small slots cut into the hull at an angle to allow it to move a little against the pressure from your inner thigh. The Arione's shape and length are such that it doesn't matter what shape you are, you should still find a position that's comfy. But there are riders out there who can't get along with the 'will fit almost anyone' flat shape.

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