Gusset R Series saddle review£20.00

Nimble perch that's easy on the wallet

BikeRadar score4/5

You’d be forgiven for thinking that at £20, the Gusset R Series wasn’t for you – but you’d be wrong, as it’s as nimble in performance as it's easy on your wallet.

There are lighter saddles but the Gusset doesn’t ride heavy, so there aren’t really any downsides. There’s enough width to provide support for seated pedalling, yet it’s agile enough to scoot around and off the back when you need to.

The padding on the seat is soft yet supportive, becoming plusher on the slim nose section allowing you to move along it at will and in comfort, and the pressure-relieving channel worked well for us.

The combination of relatively broad seat with a slender nose means that you can sit and grind out a climb but put the power down unhindered when you need to as well.

The construction is solid and the overall finish is superb for the price; the silver cover might look a bit bling off the bike, but in place it looks surprisingly subtle – although we wouldn’t mind betting you’ll be picking mud out of those perforations after a while.

Also consider: Gusset R Series Dual Colour Cover, £25, the same saddle but in fancier colour combinations

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