Outland El Rey saddle review£50.00

Curvy, titanium railed seat

BikeRadar score3/5

Saddles are tricky to give a sweeping recommendation to; we all find different ones a pleasure to sit on or a pain in the bum. That said, it’s possible to come across a model that pleases a higher-than-average number of posteriors. The Outland El Rey is one such rarity.

Something about the density and proportion of the foam padding, the gentle curve and swell of the rear, and the level of hull flexibility make it a comfy place from which to power a bike.

Outland have added hollow titanium rails and a carbon base to strip the weight back to a sporting 240g – squarely between the lightest and most unremarkable weights for a modern saddle.

You could spend £20 less and get the 20g heavier El Rey VC. It’s black rather than white, with a plastic base and steel rails. The choice comes down to how much you want the bling – both models feel the same to ride.

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