Prologo Nago Evo X10 TS saddle review£130.00

Pricey, race-orientated but comfy perch

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Nago Evo X10 is Prologo’s cross-country/marathon saddle. Prologo have a couple of shapes that they use across their saddle range – the Nago is a ‘semi-round’ saddle, making it slightly flatter from side to side than its ‘round’ brothers. It’s not as flat as some though.

Across the broad nose of the Nago is Prologo’s Slide Control system – a row of moulded, textured crescents designed to help you perch on the nose without sliding around. They’re well judged, being prominent enough to deliver a bit of bum traction but not so sticky-out as to annoy.

Similar ridges are found on the corners, although here they’re more for abrasion resistance. Thin padding and titanium rails (an X10 Nack is also available, with braided carbon rails) contribute to a low weight, but the Nago is more than just a race saddle. It's not cheap though.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine.

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