Prologo Scratch Pro Nack saddle review£139.99

Carbon-railed perch

BikeRadar score4/5

This carbon-railed version of Prologo's popular Scratch Pro shaves weight and adds comfort to offer a saddle fit for some of the ProTour’s most famous rear ends.

The Scratch Pro Nack’s round design features extra padding, particularly on the nose, compared to Prologo's flatter Nago Evo saddle – one of our tester’s regular seats. This translates into greater comfort for heavier riders, but the sacrifice is a slight increase in inner thigh rub, due to the larger front end.

Prologo claim that comfort is further increased by the injection of carbon fibre into the saddle’s base, and while this is difficult to prove, the underside combination of a flexible enough base and those featherlight carbon rails did help take the bumps out of some of the roughest roads.

If you’re looking for a saddle that will provide a high level of comfort without sacrificing a racing spec (the weight difference between this and the Nago is less than 10g) or looks, the Scratch Pro will fit the bill.

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