Prologo Zero Nack saddle review£139.99

Advanced carbon-railed comfort

BikeRadar score4/5

We’ve been having a good look at saddles and how to go about choosing the right one for you these last few months. So when we say straight away that Prologo’s latest Zero is designed for those who like a flat seat we hope you’ll have some idea of whether that’s you.

Flat saddles are designed for flexible riders who like to move around on their perch to use a number of different positions, and the Zero Nack’s comfortable dimensions (278x134mm) and microfibre covering allow you to do that easily.

Our white cover marked easily but a rub with a damp cloth cleaned the worst off. The Zero Nack’s real trump cards are its ovalised carbon fibre rails. No other Prologo saddle featuring Nack rails comes in at more than a penny under £150 – the Scratch Nack is well over £200.

So with the Zero the Italian company is aiming to bring the increased comfort and additional weight benefits of carbon rails to a wider audience. At 165g the saddle is light, but we’d go for comfort over weight every time with a saddle, so how does it deliver?

The carbon-injected base is certainly very stiff, which is great for a light rider because it keeps you solidly positioned and helps you transfer all your energy to the pedals. Heavier cyclists may suffer though; despite the buzz-dampening qualities of those carbon rails and the minimal but adequate padding, the lack of flex does make for a hard seat.

The Zero isn’t a saddle for riders who suffer from pressure on the perineum either, because this is noticeable in certain positions. However, Prologo makes the Zero Pas Gel (with a central cutout and resultant slight increase in base flex) to serve those who are sensitive to this problem.

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