Ritchey WCS Marathon saddle review£77.99

Designed with longer rides in mind

BikeRadar score3/5

As the name suggests, Ritchey’s WCS Marathon saddle is designed with longer rides in mind. It’s very similar to the company’s lightweight Streem seat but with extra padding. A carbon reinforced shell and titanium alloy rails help to keep the weight down, although it’s not crazily light at 247g.

In terms of shape there’s a distinct family resemblance to saddles from some other brands, although the embossed and embroidered cover is very much Ritchey’s own. It’s real leather too. The shape may be familiar, but that’s a good thing.

It’s comfortable and easy to move around on, although it’s very flat along the top which is a feature that certainly won’t suit everyone. If you can’t face the onerous cleaning regime imposed by a white saddle, there’s also a black option.

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