Ritchey WCS Marathon V2 saddle review£85.00

Good for long-haul riders

BikeRadar score3/5

The Marathon has been redesigned for 2012. The basic shape is essentially unchanged – it's long, narrow, flat along the top and relatively square in cross-section at the back, similar to a number of other saddles. 

The main changes are found underneath. Most notably, the back ends of the saddle rails are now held in a ‘Vector Wing’ beam running across the underside of the shell rather than plugged directly into the shell itself. This is claimed to dissipate vibration.

But the Marathon doesn't feel that different to ride than other similarly shaped and padded saddles. It's a firm perch, with thin padding throughout. Titanium alloy rails keep the weight low but the Marathon isn't so minimalist as to do without Kevlar corner panels.

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