SDG Bel Air ST I-Beam review£57.00

Popular because it has the basics completely nailed

BikeRadar score4/5

The Bel Air is now 10 years old, but it continues to be a popular saddle because it has the basics of a comfortable saddle completely nailed.

While the hull is stiffer than most, the Bel Air has padding density that offers just the right blend of support and cushioning.

Combine that with generously curving flanks, a mid-width nose, a swoopy ‘hammock’ back, a central pressure relieving groove and chromoly/titanium/I-Fly rail options, and you can see why lots of riders, from cross-country whippets to downhill monsters, pick the SDG Bel Air as their saddle of choice.

The Bel Air ST (Super Tough) is the heavy duty cross-country/freeride version, but it's still remarkably light thanks to the single rail design.

The ST rail and shell material increases flex and durability, making this as comfy as SDG's conventional saddles and impressively crash proof, too. The long rail also gives masses of fore aft adjustment and it's a breeze to use.

Full Kevlar side strips and plastic rear bumpers give excellent durability, and there are loads of pimpy colour options on both the i-Fly and conventional railed versions. The dedicated i-Beam seat post (230g) costs a mere £40 and the saddle and post combo represents remarkable weight and cost value compared to individual exotica and it's more practical, too.

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