Selle Italia SLC Gel Flow saddle review£135.99

Racing saddle with all-day comfort

BikeRadar score4.5/5

While faux-structural carbon fibre abounds on this offering from Selle Italia, makers of some of the best saddles in the world, we can forgive it the fakery for one simple reason. This, along with the Selle San Marco SKN, is one of the most comfortable racing saddles we’ve ever ridden.

Actually, it’s one of the most comfortable saddles we’ve ever ridden, regardless of it being used for racing or not. The saddle structure – split almost in two, with only the front few inches joined together – results in a seat that rolls and flexes with you.

It doesn’t feel too flexible, though, and offers enough support for those short blast type rides as well as supreme long hour comfort. In typical Selle Italia fashion it is extremely well made, with a fantastic quality leather cover and just the right amount of padding.

It weighs 217g and is 273mm long and 134mm wide. But we still have no idea why Selle Italia have wrapped standard titanium rails in a single layer of carbon fibre, and then stuck sticky-backed carbon underneath the main hull.

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