Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow saddle review£70.00

Episode 34 in the "quest for the perfect XC saddle..."

BikeRadar score4/5

Episode 34 in the "Quest for the Perfect XC Saddle..." The 215g SLR Gel Flow is another of the myriad sleek saddles from Selle Italia.

This one uses the company's split-hull Gel Flow technology to reduce pressure on the undercarriage, and while we can see what they're driving at, we have to be honest and say we don't find them any more comfortable than non-Gel Flow versions of the same saddle.

The basics are all there, with a reasonably broad tail offering a good place to park yourself, narrowing to a shortish nose, which allows for some fore/aft movement. Given the small sweet-spot of the saddle, we found it was important to make sure you had it positioned in exactly the right place in the seat clamp, because anything more than minor adjustments in position would have you struggling for comfort.

That said, once dialled in, the SLR Gel Flow was a pleasant enough place to sit and turn pedals, and certainly a saddle we'd use for training or racing. However, for really long rides we might opt for something more cushy, such as the Fizik Gobi.

In the current Selle Italia line up, we still put the Signo Ti ahead of the SLR, because the Signo has a greater curve to the shell top, meaning we feel in, rather than on, the saddle.

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