Selle San Marco Mantra saddle review£129.99

Looks are deceiving

BikeRadar score4.5/5

With a hawkish nose, severely cut away sides, long and wide opening in the perennial area, and curled over rear wings, this racing saddle looks dramatic. In use, it puts lightly padded support directly under your sit bones and as much fresh air as possible under your soft bits.

Despite the apparent lack of seating area, the carbon fibre reinforced wings give plenty of support when you’re digging in on long, in-saddle climbs. The cut-away sides mean there’s a noticeable lack of thigh rubbing when you’re pedalling and the patented Arrowhead opening means there’s no extra pressure on your soft tissues when you roll your pelvis forward for a racing tuck on the drops.

A little extra comfort is provided without any weight penalty by the lightweight rails, which are made of a silicon, titanium and carbon mix. Ultimately, comfort is individual, but this radical design could be the silver bullet for those with sore bottoms or chafing thighs.

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