Specialized Indie XC saddle review£24.46

Budget seat that's worth its weight

BikeRadar score4/5

Saddles are personal items, but your key choice when selecting a new one is between comfort and weight, which to an extent will be partially dictated by price, and the budget Indie XC falls firmly on the side of comfort. 

It takes styling and technological cues from Specialized’s high-end Alias and Avatar models, resulting in a saddle that cost much less than it appears to. Hollow steel rails keep the 143mm version to a reasonable 330g.

Available in 143mm or 155mm widths, it has enough support from what Specialized calls its Elastic Sit-bone Technology to keep you from feeling more of the trail than you need for control, yet it's soft enough that you feel cosseted and comfortable even when rattling over frozen bridle paths. 

There are lighter saddles, and not everyone finds Specialized’s Body Geometry technology to their liking so try before you buy, but it you want a low-cost but high-tech saddle, this could be the one for you.

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