Specialized Windie XC Sport women's saddle review£30.00

Solid value perch

BikeRadar score4/5

Specialized’s Windie falls firmly into the ‘proper mountain bike saddle’ bracket and everything from the shape to the construction make it perfect for off-road use.

We tested the narrower of two sizes (143mm and 155mm) which gave excellent support to sit bones without hindering movement, making it perfect for riders who find they spend as much time out of or behind the saddle as they do in it.

A significant downturn to the nose helps to avoid hooking shorts and flared wings get you transitioning smoothly over the rear; there’s no tricky lip at the back to navigate and we found it to be pleasingly unobtrusive.

Chromoly rails may be cheap but they’re tough and woven reinforcements at scuff points shrugged off abrasion with ease. The central cutaway channel is designed to reduce compression of the delicate female undercarriage and the edges of the recess are neatly rounded rather than sharp.

It’s not the lightest perch in the world thanks to its substantial shell but the light padding strikes the right balance between resilience and comfort. At £30 it’s a bargain – and if it does get trashed in a crash it’s not going to cost you an arm or leg to replace.

Also consider: Specialized Jett (£60). New iteration of the favourite fast girl saddle eliminates seams but keeps weight to a minimum.

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