Syncros FL saddle review£55.00

Perfect for longer rides

BikeRadar score4/5

We’ve ridden the Syncros AM before and loved it for its instant plush underpinned by excellent support and a firm foundation. So we were excited to get out hands on its lighter, more streamlined little brother, and it didn’t disappoint.

Designed for long distance cross-country riding, the padding in the seat is firm enough to provide a supportive platform from which to turn on the heat, but with just enough give for comfort – and that’s helped along by the shock-absorbing flex and titanium alloy rails.

Although the profile is blade thin, the end of the nose section is much softer for ease of manoeuvring. The deep pressure-relieving section runs the length of the saddle and has no sharp edges so you’re not even aware of it; and that’s as it should be.

Best of all is the leather cover: protected at the corners by scuff patches it will wear in with every ride – and for distance riding, especially when you get hot (leather gets less sweaty), you can’t beat it.

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