WTB Rocket V Team saddle review£74.99

Lightweight seat with traditional looks

BikeRadar score3.5/5

WTB’s saddles have traditionally been swoopier along the top than most others, and while the Rocket V isn’t quite as pronounced as some WTB perches, it continues the style. It’s a shape that you’ll either like or loathe – for every rider who gets on with the slightly hammocky shape, another won’t.

However, it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone will appreciate the deep channel in the top and hole in the shell to create a softer area under your sensitive bits. With deep sides and tall Kevlar-covered corners, the Rocket V looks bulky, but with proper titanium rails it’s actually a relative lightweight. The price is reasonable too, although there are cheaper, heavier variants available from the WTB stable with the same shape if you’re on a budget.

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