WTB Silverado Team review£79.99

25th anniversary comfort for your bum

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Silverado Team deploys WTB's Love Channel pressure-relief groove to keep things comfortable. Its shape (133mm wide by 274mm long) allowed ample wiggle space when finding the sweet spot on seated climbs, zippy flats, and extended descents.

The titanium rails contribute to some road shock absorption, while lightening the load a little compared to chromoly-railed saddles (the Silverado weighs in at 210g - light but by no means featherweight). The best saddles are connected once, slightly repositioned, then wholeheartedly forgotten on long rides. The WTB Silverado is worthy of its lofty anniversary status, and the cream and urban camouflage adds a nice touch.

Of course - as every saddle review ever says at about this point - everyone is a different shape and what works for one person might not work for another. But if you like your saddles slightly dipped and with a groove down the middle to take the load off the bits, the Silverado is well worth trying.

Bike saddles play a very important role in the comfort (or lack thereof) and performance contributing to one's riding pleasure. WTB knows this well, reflected in its longstanding central groove technology called Love Channel. Along with fellow NorCal saddle experts Specialized, WTB has focused its R&D efforts on this static connection point, and the slightly conservative design of the Silverado proved this out during two months of consistent road use.

Wilderness Trail Bikes celebrates 25 years in 2007, and the Silverado Team is one of the products that the Marin County, California trailblazers have come up with to acknowledge the big event. The WTB Silverado saddle reflects the company's recent focus on saddles and tires, and it doesn't take much of an effort to see plenty of OEM WTB spec on several bike brands.

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