Bontrager Rhythm Pro seatpost review£55.00

Reliable all-mountain option

BikeRadar score3/5

The Rhythm Pro is pitched at the all-mountain market and is notable for a long saddle cradle – it’s 50mm front to back, compared to 35- 40mm for most posts. This is good for supporting saddle rails and making them less likely to bend, but limits the range of fore-aft saddle adjustment; the cradle is well over half the length of most saddle rails.

It’s also only available as an inline post and you can’t get one in the increasingly common 30.9mm size, all of which potentially limits the Rhythm Pro’s appeal. If it fits your setup, though, it’s a solid post. The shaft and head are in one piece, with the shaft drawn with thinner walls at the lightly stressed sides and more material at the front and back.

The clamp is the ever-popular two-bolt system, which works well and allows very fine adjustment of saddle angle, although you need to take care to tighten the bolts evenly. We appreciate the steel threaded inserts that the bolts thread into; they’re a much better idea than aluminium threads.

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