CrankBrothers Cobalt 11 seatpost review£174.99

Single-bolt carbon post

BikeRadar score2/5

CrankBrothers’ new seatpost matches the slick, smooth, almost liquid look of their other 11 series components. The pricing is what you’d expect for a carbon post, but for performance you can do as well, or better, for similar money.

From our testing experience, it pays to get the saddle tilt near perfect prior to getting any torque on the Torx pinch bolt, as the nature of the design CrankBros use for the cradle means that once there is any pinch pressure it’s hard to make fine angle adjustments without complete removal of the bolt.

Maybe this will free up a bit as the post gets older, maybe not – we’ll keep you posted. Once correctly angled and tightened, the saddle never slipped.

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