Gravity Dropper Turbo seatpost review£209.99

Telescopic, height-adjustable post

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This should be on every Mega Avalanche racer’s shopping list for next year. Gravity Dropper's latest height-adjustable seatpost weighs just 410g, so there's not much weight penalty for something that offers so many advantages. It's very fast to switch height and and it's easy to use with the handlebar-mounted trigger.

Crafted from 7075-T6 aluminium, it has 100mm (4in) of adjustment, controlled by the convenient but fragile-feeling thumb trigger.

With a simple push of the lever, you can remain seated while you descend to your new saddle height and then throw the bike around underneath you with full, unhindered control until you reach the next incline.

Another push of the lever, and bang – the saddle returns to your optimum pedalling height. It’s the upward phase that you need to be careful with, because the ‘Turbo’ name is no exaggeration. 

This thing could eject a pilot from a fighter jet, it’s that fast. We found it best to control the upward motion with our body weight in order to avoid groin injuries.

You can chose whether you want a left or right lever too, which helps customise your ride further. 

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