PRO Koryak seatpost review£40.00

Impressive value and good-looking

BikeRadar score4/5

The 6061 alloy PRO Koryak is a straightforward, well thought out alloy seatpost. As you'd expect from Shimano, the company behind PRO, the post, designed loosely to fit in with SLX-level components, is ready for the rough and tumble of regular hard rides, yet willing to make other seatposts costing more seem like a waste of cash.

The head is a little tricky to get into position when fitting a new saddle, though it’s by no means the worst we've encountered. With the opposing hooked jaws of the clamp in place the single pinch bolt snugs everything up nice and tight. Oversize clamps are available if you're going to be using saddles with chunky rails, and there’s a 15mm layback option for riders looking for a more rearward seating position.

On the trail the post is remarkably comfortable given its material and stats, and proof that buying alloy need not preclude comfort. To maximise the comfort available with no loss to strength we recommend hardtailers getting a 27.2mm version and shimming it to fit using USE’s brilliant shims. 

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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