Syntace P6 Seatpost review£109.99

The perfect seat post

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Carbon seatposts are pretty much standard on bikes above £750, and you could easily think they’re much of a muchness, but the P6 stands above the horde: it's smart and beautifully made.

It has a quality carbon tube, and is finished with a deep epoxy coating (cleverly, the height markings are under this so they won’t be scratched off), but the important part is the head: the P6 has simply the best two-bolt (titanium) fixing system we’ve ever used.

Fitting a saddle is easy, and the ball-ended bolt design enables you to adjust the pitch while micro adjustments can be made with minimal Allen key rotation; it’s surprising how little you have to tighten the rails to keep them movement-free. 

The cradle has a narrow top section (23mm) and a very long bottom (53mm) allowing the saddle to be set well back, but this can be flipped to create a forward-seating position for TT. In fact, this design pretty much eliminates the need for a layback post. 

At 244g for a 400mm post it’s right there in the lightweight stakes.

It comes with a Syntace Allen key and friction paste to prevent the post slipping in a carbon frame.

Sizes: 34.9, 31.6, 30.9, 27.2mm dia; 480 (for 34.9 dia), 400, 350, 280mm length

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