Continental GP Supersonic review£19.95

The lightest clincher on the market

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Billed as the lightest clincher on the market, the Supersonic seems to be just that: almost 30g separates it from its nearest rival. It's also very fast, with a rolling performance that's matched only by Michelin's Pro 2 Light.

The price you pay is the tyre having a shorter lifespan - a season, say - and a greater risk of punctures, because there's no protective layer. Continental are up-front about this, recommending it for time trial use only and adding: "Riders should weigh up the compromises that they are willing to take before selecting this tyre."

It's a supple tyre, with a 310tpi casing and Black Chili carbon added to the rubber. Supersonics are not recommended for your road bike or winter trainer but should certainly be on your shortlist for time trialling.

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