Mavic Ksyrium Equipe road wheelset review£329.99

Good all-round choice

BikeRadar score4/5

Sporting two extra spokes in the front wheel, the cheapest Ksyrium wheelset retains some of the features that have made its big brothers so popular. A different alloy rim construction, steel rather than aluminium hub axles, reinforced drilled rims without the milled inner surface of the Elites, and necessary rim tapes comprise most of the 140g difference, but the hub design and straight pull spokes remain.

The Equipes are essentially Ksyrium Elite Lites, with the same excellent response from the hub and spoke arrangement, but without feeling as sharp. They still easily find speed, though. They're fun and engaging to ride, and their increased comfort on the rougher bits would make them a good all-round choice, for a mixture of general racing and training. They're available in anodised black or, for £20 extra, painted white.

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