WTB Stryker TCS All Mountain wheelset review£699.98

Tough tubeless compatible hoops

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The WTB Stryker TCS All Mountain wheelset has been developed in conjunction with legendary racer Mark Weir. The 15mm front and 135mm width rear LaserDisc Lite hubs roll on stainless steel bearings, and are lashed in place using 32 bladed spokes in a three-cross pattern. The rim’s 23mm wide internally, features WTB’s Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) technology and comes with tubeless valves and rim strip already in place.

The front hub is available to fit either 15 or 20mm through-axles but isn’t convertible, which some may find a pain. The Strykers are solid and stiff, and can be belted into berms and turns without wavering, but still offer a bit of give when compared directly to the likes of DT Swiss’s Tricons. We’ve had no issues with the 12-point engagement system on the rear hub, and we like the inclusion of the steel tabs on the freehub body to prevent it getting mashed by the cassette too.

Weight-wise they’re pretty sorted, weighing in at 800g for the front and 900g for the rear. We’ve yet to ding the rims and we still haven’t even had to lift a spoke key. Still, for the best part of £700, that’s exactly how it should be.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine.

Rob Weaver

Technical Editor-in-Chief, UK
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