Muc-Off Miracle shine polish & microfibre cloth review£16.98

Shiny detailing kit

BikeRadar score4/5

This cleaning combination does an excellent job of making your bike sparkle in the sunshine. The Miracle Shine polish goes on easily and buffs up with startlingly little elbow grease to a deep gleam that’s proving durable against the elements.

According to Muc-Off, the secret is its blend of ingredients (including Brazilian carnauba wax and silicone oils apparently) and Fluoro Polymer Technology – essentially Teflon, as found on non-stick pans.

The wax and oils bring the shine while the polymer helps keep the bike clean afterwards – it’s hard for muck and grime to stick to it. The cloth is the final link in the chain, absorbing both polish and the dirt it lifts from the bike so it doesn’t smear. When it gets grubby it’s machine washable.

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