Oakley Radar Lock sunglasses review£239.00

New lens technology for benchmark eyewear

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The ubiquitous Oakley Radar, the genetic code from which most other successful sports eyewear inherits at least a few attributes, has been given a lockable lens in time for the Olympics. 

A pull-back catch on the inside of the left arm releases a hinged section of the frame, which exposes the lens. Unclip the lens from the nosepiece and the right-hand edge is then easily unhooked for removal. It’s a slight fiddle until you get used to the moves and the small lock catch, but after that it’s second nature.

Lock aside, the new Radar has a few more changes that do help improve the breed without changing its core DNA. Slimmer arms match the diameter of its Jawbone model and fit better under helmet straps and retention systems. The arms also have a more positive hinge feel now, with a detent at half closure. The new nosepiece fits more easily, looks better and is less annoyingly visible when riding.

The measurement of the frame itself is, as near as we can make out, the same as the old model. But there seems to be less of the frame in our peripheral vision. So all change, then, but the unparalleled performance continues. 

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