Funn Ripper clipless pedals review£115.00

Wide mountain bike pedals with plenty of support

BikeRadar score5/5

Funn’s latest clipless pedals were an immediate hit with me. The platform is wider than on many competitors’ offerings, with a shape akin to a flat pedal.

There are four well-sized, widely-spaced, replaceable pins on each side, which offer plenty of lateral support but don’t restrict movement so much that unclipping strains your knees.

Because the platform is slightly concave, more flexible, downhill-orientated shoes are well supported across most of the pedal.

The ‘Angular Engagement System’ mechanism is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats and is spring-loaded around the axle, making it easy to clip in if you lead with the front edge of the cleat.

You can adjust the tension too. I ran a shade under half, which prevented my feet from lifting out without adding too much lateral restraint on top of that provided by the pins.

A sleeve bushing and cartridge bearing keep the chromoly axles running smoothly. Funn claims this configuration allows easy servicing, but my set still feel as good as they did the day I fitted them, despite two months’ use in atrocious conditions.

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