9point8 Pulse Stepper dropper seatpost - first look

Indexed dropper post with unusual lever

Ontario based manufacturer 9point8 have announced their debut product, the Pulse Stepper Seatpost. Branded as 'not another dropper post' the Stepper sets itself aside from the competition through the use of a unique indexing system controlled via an equally unique handlebar lever.

The Pulse offers 100mm of adjustability and drops in either 5mm increments or throughout its entire travel depending on the rider's input at the bar-mounted lever. The lever itself being a big talking point, stepping away from the compact designs many other manufacturers are producing, the Pulse gets a full sized lever designed to be run inboard of the brakes. It isn't pretty or in any way discreet, but the seperating clamp allows for convenient installation.

It'll be available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and can be run either in an in-line or offset configuration via the use of a conversion kit. Pricing is still TBC with stock expecting to land in late June. Meanwhile, you can watch the Pulse in action in the video below.

Pulse stepper post ride video
Oli Woodman

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