Fox unveils 2015 product line

Redesigned 36 plus limited edition forks and graphics

Fox has pulled the lid of some of its 2015 products. Included in its 2015 lineup is a redesigned 36 RC2 for all three wheelsizes, trickle-down refinements from the company’s race development program, and decal packages to commemorate 40 years of making high-performance suspension products. Read on for the specifics.

For 2015, the venerable Fox 36 RC2 gets a number of improvements. The 36-specific RC2 damper has a redesigned valve system that the company claims provides better small bump compliance, reduced friction, better traction and offers the user a wider range of tuning adjustments.

The new 36 is also considerably lighter: Fox claims the new fork is more than a half-pound lighter than its predecessor. The 26in version has a claimed weight of 4.19lb / 1,901g.

Fox appears to be keenly aware that hub compatibility with 20mm thru-axles has decreased as the 15mm system has gained widespread acceptance. As such, the new 36 uses a convertible thru-axle system, allowing the fork to work with both systems. (Click here to watch a video on how the conversion works.)

Last but certainly not least, the updated fork will be available in 26in, 27.7in and 29in sizes. Pricing and availability have yet to be released. 

From pros to Joes

Many of the improvements to 36 platform as well as to the rest of the line are direct results of feedback gained through the 34 RAD project. Short for Racing Application Development, the program uses input from Fox-sponsored racers to develop new technologies. (Our friends at MBUK recently checked out some RAD changes to the 34 forks recently — click here to watch the video.)

Several trickle-downs improvements from the RAD program have found their way into the 2015 product line.

The 32 and 34 series forks have updated damping tunes for better small bump compliance and traction.

The Factory versions of the 32 and 34 forks now feature a seven-position compression damping adjustment in the ‘trail’ mode for a wider range of compression tuning. (Past versions of the CTD system only offered the user three levels of damping adjustment in the ‘trail’ mode.)

All the new 32, 34 and 36 series forks have redesigned seals, which the company claims minimizes breakaway friction. 

In addition to new tunes, damping adjustments and redesigned seals, Fox has also developed a low-friction fork oil that makes use of the element molybdenum — also found in the hard-anodized Kashima coating — to further reduce friction.

Throwback decals

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To celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, Fox is releasing heritage fork and shock decal kits. The kits are not platform-specific, so they will work with any fork or shock, regardless of model or year. Each set includes decals for one fork and shock. The kits are available in red, blue, white, green and tennis ball yellow.

Back in black

For a limited time, fox will be offering the three blacked-out versions of the float:
For a limited time, fox will be offering the three blacked-out versions of the float:

For a limited time, Fox will be offering the three blacked-out versions of the Float. For 29-inch wheels Fox will offer the 100mm Float 32, for 27.5in wheels there will be a 160mm-travel 34, and for 26in wheels the 203mm-travel 40 will be available with black decals and anodized black knobs.

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