Shimano XC90 shoe - Interbike 2013

Flagship XC shoe now lighter, stiffer with Dynalast technology

For 2014 Shimano is updating its mountain bike footwear line by carrying over Dynalast technology from its road collection, increasing sole stiffness, and shaving grams wherever possible. The result of these improvements is the XC90, Shimano’s new flagship cross-country race shoe. We got the rundown on this new shoe at Interbike

The XC90 will retail for US$370 and will be available later this year. (UK pricing TBD.)

The XC90 has a slimmer profile than it’s predecessor, the well-regarded SH-M315. The claimed weight for a pair of size 42 XC90s is 627g, which is 59g lighter than the former top-end shoe. The full carbon sole helps the XC90 achieve a stiffness rating of 11 on Shimano’s stiffness index. The only shoe that is stiffer is Shimano’s new R320 road shoe, which tops the chart with a stiffness rating of 12.

Shimano's new XC90 mountain bike shoe incorporates custom fit technology

In addition to shaving grams and increasing stiffness, Shimano placed an emphasis on fit and pedaling efficiency through the incorporation of Dynalast technology into its 2014 mountain bike collection.

Dynalast was first introduced in Shimano’s high-end road footwear in 2012. Dynalast refers to technology that optimizes the footbed for cycling by slightly increasing the angle of the toes relative to the rest of the foot, and creating a heel cup that keeps the movement of the rider’s heel within the shoe to the absolute minimum, with the end goal of reducing power loss as the rider pulls up on the pedal in preparation for the next downward pedal stroke.

Shimano claims its Dynalast technology improves pedaling efficiency by 5 percent, while reducing stress on the plantar flexors, calf muscles and hamstrings.

The XC90 has a heat moldable sole, midfoot and heel cup. The insole comes with low and high arch inserts that slide into the bottom of the insole to further optimize fit. 

In addition to the XC90, Dynalast technology will trickle down to the US$200 XC70, which is also heat moldable, and the more affordable US$150 XC61, which lacks heat moldable fit technology.

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