Video: How to 360, with Blake Samson

Toughest skill yet from BRU series

Episode two of Bike Riders United's 'How to' skills series continues series two's escalation in difficulty levels by looking at the 360.

Like last week's look at the rockwalk drop-off, attempting the 360 runs a high risk of failure so you should expect to take a few hits. Most beginners would look to get practice in at a skate park or, even better, in a foam pit, because you want to get comfortable with the movement of spinning in the air before you even think about landing.

Take a look at episode two below featuring Blake Samson, then check out series two's opener, How to rockwalk drop-off. 

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How to 360, in association with Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport

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How to rockwalk drop-off

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