100% adds S2 and Sportcoupe to their range

Get the Sagan look

If magnetic nasal dilators seem a little too out there for you, 100% will shortly be releasing two new models, the S2 and Sportcoupe, as part of its range of sunglasses.


Both glasses maintain the brash, retro styling 100% is known for. The keen-eyed amongst you may have spotted Peter Sagan wearing the new S2s during the Tour of Flanders and for his Paris-Roubaix-winning ride. 

Peter Sagan riding his S2’s to glory at Paris-Roubaix
Courtesy of 100%


While they may look like full-frame shades, the lenses are actually laser-etched on the bottom edge to create their framed-frameless look.

The sunglasses are available with various lens options, including 100%’s flagship HiPER lens technology. The glasses also include a spare clear lens for low-light conditions.

Lenses are treated with an oleo- and hydrophobic coating, and different nose pieces are available to fine-tune the fit.

Depending on the configuration chosen, the 100% S2 glasses will cost between £145 – £175 /  $155 -$195 / €160 – €200 / AU$245 – AU$305.

The new 100% S2’s
Courtesy of 100%


100% describe the new Sportcoupe as versatile sunglasses that can be used for any sport.

They feature a wraparound design and as above are available in a variety of options including 100%’s HiPER lenses.

The Sportcoupe glasses will cost between £125 – £160 / $135- $175 / €140 – €180 / AU$215 – AU$275.

The new 100% Sportcoupe
Courtesy of 100%

Both models will be available in May.