2010 BC Bike Race route unveiled

More loamy singletrack; simplified logistics

Organisers of the fourth annual 2010 BC Bike Race have unveiled the route, which takes riders on a seven day mountain bike adventure from Vancouver to Whistler, with as much singletrack as possible in the British Columbia region of Canada’s North Shore.


“We had 400 riders last year, and will cap at 550 this year,” BC Bike Race Marketing Director Andreas Hestler told BikeRadar Thursday.

Taking all the feedback from participants over the last three years, BC Bike Race course designers have not only added more loamy singletrack, they’ve also simplified the travel logistics. Day 3 will no longer involve a 5 a.m. wake up, but will be the usual relaxed affair that pervades this unusually fun adventure experience. By adding Powell River — a little known singletrack mecca with a beach front venue — as the Day 3 destination, BCBR has created a beautiful cruise concept, with four BC Ferries crossings, providing just enough travel time to socialise, relax, build excitement and see the amazing coast.  

Alison sydor shreds day 1 on vancouver’s north shore in 2009.:
Dave Silver

Alison Sydor shreds Day 1 on Vancouver’s North Shore in 2009

“Last year’s event started with a full stage on Vancouver’s North Shore and the legendary locale delivered a fierce opening round,” Hestler added. “While many riders want to see, feel and taste the North Shore riding, a full stage may not be the best way for the uninitiated. 2010 will include a short 2-3 km North Shore prologue, with just enough up, down and twisty trail to give all participants a taste, while only whetting the appetite for the next seven days.”

Most other days will see only a few changes as, over the last few years, the course designers have spent countless hours sweeping and buffing trails to create what Hestler calls the ‘Ultimate Singletrack Experience’.

“We were so excited about next year, we went out on course and shot video of each day’s singletrack, which we’ve edited and posted on our website” said BC Bike Race President, Dean Payne. “Just a few little teasers to keep you all pumped on what’s around the corner.”


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