2010 preview: Chumba Racing rigs

Adjustable geometry, tuned shocks and kit options

Anaheim, California-based Chumba Racing have updated several features on their 2010 line, including adjustable geometry, linkage-optimised rear shocks and new colours and build kit options.


“We believe that our bikes are an expression of our personalities, so we ensure that the fit, finish, and performance of our bikes, as well as our ownership experience is the benchmark by which other bikes and companies are judged by,” Chumba spokesman Alan Kang told BikeRadar.

Chumba XCL

For the 2010 XCL all-mountain bike, Chumba and Cane Creek worked together to find precise starting points for preload, spring rates, low and high speed compression and rebound for specific rider weights and riding style.

“This allows riders to receive a bike that has factory recommended settings to help customers navigate through literally hundreds of potential setting combinations to maximise performance,” Kang said.

Additionally, on medium and large sized frames, Chumba are offering adjustable geometry – lowering the bottom bracket by about one inch and slackening the head angle by half a degree. According to Kang, this makes the XCL one of the most customisable bikes on the market.

The 2010 Chumba XCL
The 2010 chumba xcl.: the 2010 chumba xcl.
Chumba Racing
  • Made from 6061 T-6 aluminium
  • Colours available include Anodised Jet Black, Anodised XTR Gray, Anodised Blue, White and Candy Metallic White
  • Equipped with a Fox RP23 or DHX Air 5.0 (upcharge) shock
  • MSRP: US$1,449 (frame only) – approx £870 at current exchange rate
  • Frame weight: 6.2lb without shock (Medium)
  • Sizes: Xtra Small (4ft11in – 5ft4in) ,Small (5ft5in – 5ft 9in), Medium( 5ft8in – 6ft) and Large (6ft1in – 6ft3in) 

Chumba EVO

The big-hit freeride EVO is now available with Truvativ’s Hammerschmidt drivetrain system, plus ISCG 05 mounts and custom-tuned rear shocks. Chumba say it can keep up with the cross-country crowd on the way to the top yet transform into a full-on downhill rig on the way down.

The 2010 Chumba EVO with Hammerschmidt
The 2010 chumba evo with hammerschmidt.: the 2010 chumba evo with hammerschmidt.
Chumba Racing
  • Made from 6061 T-6 aluminium
  • Colours available include Metallic Green, Midst Blue, Candy Red Chrome and Anodised Black
  • Equipped with a Fox DHX Air 5.0 shock
  • MSRP: US$1,549 (frame only) – approx £930
  • Frame weight: 7.8lb without shock (Medium)
  • Sizes: Medium (5ft8in – 6ft) and Large (6ft – 6ft3in) 

Chumba VF2

The VF2 is available with factory settings on the Cane Creek Double Barrel shock, suited to a rider’s weight and riding style, and in 10 different colours.

According to Kang, both Chumba USA and their UK distributors Progressive Bikes can put together several custom bike builds, including using CrankBrothers’ Iodine wheels.

The 2010 Chumba VF2
The 2010 chumba vf2.: the 2010 chumba vf2.
Chumba Racing
  • Accepts 120-150mm forks
  • 5in of rear wheel travel
  • Made from 7 series aluminium
  • Colours available include Anodised Jet Black, Anodised Blue, White and Candy Metallic Red
  • Equipped with a Fox RP23 or DHX Air (upcharge) shock
  • MSRP: US$1,849 (frame only) – approx £1,110
  • Frame weight: 5.3lb without shock (Medium)
  • Sizes:  Xtra Small (4ft11in – 5ft4in), Small (5ft5in – 5ft9in), Medium (5ft8in – 6ft) and Large (6ft1in – 6ft3in)

Chumba F5

The F5 downhill bike now has a 1.5in head tube and oversize axles at the main pivot for increased durability and performance.

The 2010 Chumba F5
The 2010 chumba f5.: the 2010 chumba f5.
Chumba Racing
  • Made from 6061 T-6 aluminium
  • Available in Small and Medium sizes
  • Colours available include Anodised Black, Metallic Green, White and Anodised Blue
  • Equipped with a Fox DHX Coil shock
  • MSRP: US$2,395 (frame only) – approx £1,440

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