2011 Clement cyclo-cross tyres – just in

Crusade PDX and LAS file-tread ready for action

There’s a hint of fall in the air, just barely, and the first two models of the resurrected Clément line, Crusade PDX and LAS clincher cyclo-cross tyres, are ready for sale. Luckily, ’cross season is right around the corner giving us ample opportunity to test them out.


The Crusade PDX is a mud tyre, which we saw last winter in prototype form, which features a refined production tread with slightly lower, wider knobs to reduce squirm found in the prototype.

Keeping with the airport abbreviation monikers, Clément’s file-tread tyre is named LAS in honour of CrossVegas, arguably America’s biggest cyclo-cross event. CrossVegas also served as the venue for the brand’s 2009 re-launch.

The LAS tread pattern features a progressive diamond-file pattern, with knobs that increase in size as they move towards the shoulder knobs, which are borrowed directly from the PDX.

Both Taiwanese made tyres come with a 128tpi casing, a folding Armid-Kevlar bead and 60a durometer tread. Our test tyres weighed 319g for the Crusade PDX and 356g for the LAS (our version is still in prototype form) on our table-top scale; both cost US$45.

The tires measure a healthy 34mm, which makes them illegal under the UCI’s new tire restrictions. Since they’re clinchers, however, they were never slated to take on tubular-dominated elite European competition. The added volume should help combat the higher pressures needed in clinchers, which equates to better performance for recreational racers.

The Crusade PDX will also be available with a wire bead for $30, though this version will mostly see OE specification.

The LAS will be available in black or white; the tan casing with black tread (pictured here) will not be available for retail sale.


Clément tyres are available now through local US bike shops; Quality Bicycle Products is stocking both models.