2011 Interbike heads back to Anaheim

North America’s largest cycling tradeshow set for 1 August

Interbike has been at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1998

The Interbike trade show will leave Las Vegas for Anaheim, California in 2011, according to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. The industry publication also cited a date change from the show’s usual late September date to 1 August.

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SOAR Communications the agency responsible for the show’s media relations is expected to officially announce the date and venue change via press release tomorrow, 14 September.

“It came down to Anaheim being the right venue for the timing we had,” said Chip Smith, president of SOAR Communications.

Smith cited the industry’s buy-sell cycle change as a reason for the date change.

“Manufacturers have been introducing their products earlier and earlier to retailers,” said Smith. “We’re trying to find the timing of the show that matches better with the industry’s needs in terms of that buy-sell cycle.”

Smith was quick to refute the idea that the date change was made to put Interbike before Eurobike.

“We’ve been talking to Eurobike, letting them know that it’s not at all in response to, or trying to get any sort of competitive edge on them,” he said. “Eurobike is great show for that market, it’s a fun show, but Interbike is the right show for the market here in the United States, and they’re doing the best job they can to make sure it’s the best show for the market. One of the issues is the buy-sell cycle.”

Interbike ran its new dates by a few of the largest American manufacturers, namely Specialized and Trek, to make sure not to conflict with their dealer events. In part, however, Interbike hopes the move will help make the tradeshow more useful to these brands.

“We asked everybody,” said Smith. “I think that’s why the decision has taken so long to make and announce. We want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing, for a long-term fix for the industry.”

The venue change is likely due to the environmental challenges Las Vegas presented to the new August date.

“Looking at the date we realized, if we do it in August, it gets pretty hot in Las Vegas that time of year,” said Smith. “Anaheim just fit the best right now.”

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The show moved from Anaheim, California to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998.