2011 preview: Magura, SR Suntour and X-Fusion

Suspension manufacturers take on the big guys at Sea Otter

It’s not just the big players that use the Sea Otter Classic as a teaser for the coming product year; it’s just about everyone. BikeRadar caught up with Magura, SR Suntour and X-Fusion to see what each of these brands has coming for 2011.


Magura: New forks, brakes and rotors

Magura’s World Cup winning Durin Race fork receives a facelift for 2011, which is highlighted by damper improvements, weight reductions and the addition of new steerer tube options.

Internal improvements include a new compression damper and more progressive air spring, which allow the use of lower air pressure for increased small bump sensitivity.

The fork is designed to ramp up throughout its travel to prevent bottom-out. The Albert Select + damper has a wider platform adjustment range and a remote option. The new Durin Race with 120mm of travel and a tapered steerer tube has a claimed weight of 1,580g.

Marta FR lightweight trail/enduro brake

Building upon the success of the Louise FR brake, which was produced from 2004 to 2006, the Marta FR is Magura’s latest model for trail, freeride and all-mountain riders who also remain conscious of weight. The high-powered stopper comes with a 180mm STORM SL rotor (see below), which keeps weight to a claimed 340g. It’ll be available from September.

The new marta fr is said to balance power to weight for the trail and freeride segments.:
Matt Pacocha

Marta FR is the latest stopper offered by German company Magura

STORM and STORM SL disc rotors

Magura’s new STORM (for Julie HP and Louise models) and STORM SL rotors (for Marta models) are claimed to be half the weight of their previous discs. This means the weight of all their brakes has reduced by an average of 15 percent, and the new rotors offer better performance and a sharp new look to boot.

Magura’s new storm (l) and storm sl rotors (r).:
Matt Pacocha

Magura’s Storm SL rotors (R) are claimed to be 50 percent lighter than their 2010 rotors

Magura are introducing their first 140mm rear rotor in 2011, which will bring the weight of the flagship Marta SL Magnesium rear brake down to a claimed 280g. All of the new rotors (140-203mm) are compatible with the IS six-bolt pattern. A new Center Lock adaptor is available. The STORM rotors will be in shops by August and will be standard equipment for all of Magura’s 2011 brakes.

SR Suntour: Diving into the aftermarket

SR Suntour are among the world’s largest producers of suspension forks but their products are mostly found at the lower end of the OE (original equipment – ie. sold as part of complete bikes) market. Things are changing for 2011, however, as Suntour plan to bring their top tier products into the US retail market.

They offer an elaborate range of suspension forks and shocks, ranging from 80mm-travel mono-shock forks for city bikes to cross-country race options with electronically operated dampers and 180mm-travel freeride forks.

SR suntour’s ingenius thru-axle design with spring-loaded lock.:
Matt Pacocha

SR Suntour’s sweet spring loaded through-axle design. The red lip snaps into place before the axle is tightened and prevents it from slipping should the quick-release open

Suntour’s spring-loaded quick-release through-axles, which offer a safety stop should the lever open, were one of more ingenious products they had on hand at Sea Otter. The design will be available in both 20mm and 15mm options. This autumn’s tradeshow season will serve as the official launch of SR Suntour’s aftermarket fork line for 2011.

X-Fusion: Smaller damper so it’ll fit in more frames

X-Fusion have made headway into the suspension market over the past few seasons and they’re now at the point where they’re competing with the big players – RockShox, Fox and Marzocchi. Their Vector HLR rear shock has been redesigned for 2011 in order to eliminate frame compatibility issues.

Both the piggyback reservoir and main body are smaller, and there’s a new, larger diameter alloy shaft. While it looks drastically different, the damper will perform similarly to the current model, according to John Valera, X-Fusion’s sales representative.

The vector hlr also features a new, larger diameter alloy shaft.:
Matt Pacocha

The old Vector HLR (L) alongside the new one


The Vector HLR has external adjustments for low- and high-speed compression as well as rebound control, while the piggyback reservoir has a bottom-out chamber with an adjustable volume.