2013 Giro helmets and commuter shoe – first look

Air Attack and women's specific helmets, plus Republic footwear

BikeRadar have been in Milton Keynes today for the 2013 iceBike trade show, where Giro were on hand to show off new 2013 helmets and footwear, including the Air Attack, several women’s lids and the Republic shoe.


Air Attack

The Air Attack was unveiled on BikeRadar last year, and production models are now available for purchase. The helmet has a distinctively smooth aero look, a lack of vents and the option of a detachable visor. Claimed weight is 296g with the magnetic visor, and just 264g without it.

There’s a good deal of wind tunnel and real world research behind the helmet. Drag was measured with isolated head form and torso in an “average riding position”, and versus Giro’s fully vented Aeon road helmet (£169.99/US$250) the Air Attack supposedly delivered 12 percent less drag. Giro also revealed that the helmet only about 12 percent more drag than the Selector, their more traditionally shaped, long-tailed TT helmet (£239.99/US$275), but with significantly better cooling. 

How does that level of drag reduction help a rider covering 40km at 400 watts? There’s an improvement of 0.32kph compared to the Aeon, saving 17 seconds over the total distance – the equivalent distance saving is 246m. Over a 90km time trial that equates to a performance benefit of 41.5 seconds, or 0.2kph.

The Air Attack is available in small, medium and large sizes. The visor version has four colour options – black, white, red and blue. The non-visor also comes in all-white and titanium schemes.

…and without:
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With a visor the Air Attack costs £150/US$240; without one it’s £120/US$200.

New women’s helmets

Giro have unveiled six helmets targeted specifically at the fast-growing number of female riders. Each uses the same shell as an existing male/unisex model and is available in in small and medium sizes, but with new detailing, colourways and graphics.

There are four models in the road range. Headlining is the Amare (£119.99/US$179.99), with 26 vents, the Roc Loc 5 security system and four colour options.

The giro amare is the most expensive lid in the new women’s road lineup:
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The top-of-the-range Giro Amare

On the trail/mountain bike side there are two models. The Xara (£99.99/US$129.99) has 17 vents, the POV visor system and Roc Loc 5. The Feather has Giro’s In Form Fit system and costs £59.99/US$74.99. 

Republic shoes

Want a decent performance cycling shoe with office and pub-proof looks? That’s what Giro had in mind when developing the Republic, available now at £99.99/US$150.

The last used to create the shoe is “all performance”, said Giro soft goods product manager Simon Fisher. “The Republic’s performance is on a par with our Apex mid-range road shoes.” 

Styling should mean the pepublic won’t look out of place in the workplace:
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There’s a firm sole, recessed SPD fittings and replaceable ‘walkers’ to create a shoe that’s designed to work well on the bike but also at the other end of the commute, when you hit the office.

But performance is married to the aesthetic, with a neat silhouette and full-laceup fittings not unike those on the aerodynamic Empire race shoe, developed with US pro Taylor Phinney and ridden in the 2012 Giro d’Italia and Olympic road race.


For more details on these products see the Giro and Madison (UK) websites.