2013 Orbea Ordu time trial/triathlon bike

Huge range of fit options with integrated pivoting stem

After nearly four years of development, Orbea on Sunday released the new Ordu time trial/triathlon bike in Denver. Besides substantial gains in aerodynamics over the old Ordu, the new Ordu frames offer huge adjustability in fit. Also, one model comes with Shimano’s brand new electric Ultegra Di2 time trial/triathlon wiring system.


One unique feature of the frame is the integrated Monolink stem, which pivots at the steerer tube for 140 degrees of vertical adjustment. Further, each frame ships with four stem lengths (75, 95, 110 and 120mm) to dial in handlebar position without a single spacer.

“It’s super clean,” said Orbea USA’s managing director Tony Karklins. “There are no spacers, no shims. You don’t have to use any specific handlebars. For a bike fitter, it’s a dream.”

The bike comes in four frame sizes, the smallest of which is a 650c bike. “We’re calling that one a 48cm frame, but it’s much smaller than a 700c 48cm bike,” Karklins said.

The bike comes in five models, including the $5,499 GLi2 with the new Shimano Ultegra Di2 time trial/triathlon drivetrain. “We expect this one to be huge,” Karklins said. “With the new Di2 wiring at the new Ultegra price point, this is going to change the game. Now you can have electric time trial and triathlon bikes at a completely new price point.”

The other bikes include the $4.499 Ordu GLT with mechanical Ultegra, the $5,999 Ordu GRD with SRAM Red, the $6,499 Ordu GDR with 11-speed Shimano Dura-Ace and, by spring, the GDi2 with 11-speed Dura-Ace Di2.

The stem has 140 degrees of adjustment: the stem has 140 degrees of adjustment
The integrated Monolink stems feature 140 degrees of vertical adjustment

While many companies have chosen to tuck the front brake of their TT/tri bikes behind or inside the fork, Orbea stuck with a standard caliper. This move wasn’t out of laziness, however, but their wind-tunnel work.

“We choose not to go internal on the brake caliper on the fork, because as we were doing work to put the caliper inside, the fork kept getting less and less aerodynamic,” Karklins said. “Also, there are lots of great aero calipers out there from Magura, Tetkro and others. And at the same time, we know the disc brake train is coming for triathlon/TT bikes.”

The ordu comes with two top caps for internal cable routing: one for mechanical systems and one for electric drivetrains: the ordu comes with two top caps for internal cable routing: one for mechanical systems and one for electric drivetrains
Each Ordu ships with two tops caps for organizing internal cable routing: one for mechanical systems and one for electric drivetrains

Karklins said that although the bike made huge gains in aerodynamic drag over the previous Ordu, “we still took time to make sure the bike rides the way you want it to ride.”

“You can make some tubes a little too thin, and while it may look fast, it can compromise ride quality,” Karklins said.

Matching the stem, the Ordu has a Monolink seatpost, which comes with two kits: one for Monolink single-rail saddle and one for standard dual-rail saddles.

Also, the Ordu is selling with the popular ISM ergonomic saddle for the first time.


The bikes will begin shipping in October.

2013 orbea ordu grd with sram red: 2013 orbea ordu grd with sram red
The 2013 Orbea Ordu GRD with SRAM Red