2013 Uvex helmets and glasses – first look

New flagship fp 5 lid and SGL 104 glasses

German helmet and sunglasses manufacturer Uvex will offer a new flagship helmet for 2013, called the fp 5. The lid will be available this fall but is already in use by the Argos-Shimano professional road team in Europe. Uvex will also offer an Ultrasonic helmet, and top their stalwart Crow Pro shield-type sunglasses with a pair called SGL 104.


2013 Uvex lids: fp 5 and Ultrasonic

Uvex’ fp 5 won’t be launched officially until this fall’s trade shows, so we’ll have to wait for details. The new helmet will cost US$229 and build on the feature-set of the fp 3, which will stay in the line.

While we don’t have details of the fp 5, the fp 3 features a molded-in roll cage that allows for larger vents and a lighter weight without sacrificing safety. The helmet is constructed with Uvex’ double inmould technology, which uses firmer foam around the lower half of the helmet for better protection and durability. 

The fp 3 also features the brand’s monomatic ratcheting system, IAS adjustable retention system and FAS adjustable chinstraps. The liner is anti-bacterial and removable for washing.

Argos-Shimano are racing uvex’s fp5 in europe now:

Argos-Shimano are now racing in Uvex fp 5 

Along with the fp 5, Uvex will launch the Ultrasonic lid at the fall tradeshows. This helmet will offer the same retention and buckle system as the fp 3 but will be available in three shell sizes for a wider range of fit (the fp 3 only comes in two shell sizes). 

The small Ultrasonic will weigh in at a claimed 215g and will come with three finish options: standard gloss with a visor, for US$149; matte without a visor, for $159; and matte with a visor, for $169.

Uvex’ new glasses: SGL104

Uvex’ best-known, best-selling pair of shield-style sunglasses, the Crow Pro, will be passing its top-tier status to the SGL 104 for 2013.

The new cycling-specific sunglasses will come in a variety of colors and with a suite of three fixed tint lenses for US$130 or single photochromic lenses for US$140.

Uvex’s new sgl104 (right) and sgl202 (left):
Matt Pacocha

Uvex’ new SGL 104 (right) and SGL 202 


Uvex claim their two photochromic tint options offer the widest range of light transmission available in the industry. They also say the same tint – either grey or orange-brown – can be used in environments from full sun to darkness.