2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi Mod revealed

Legendary lightweight bike gets a ground-up redesign

True performance lies in the balance. On current bike design we are often seeing designs focused on a single element, be it, lightest, stiffest or most aero. With the SuperSix EVO, Cannondale aims to be the best all-rounder, not a headline grabber in one area.

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The original EVO proved successful, winning climbing stages, sprint stages, flat stages. Plus a huge amount of accolades (including a 5-star review here at BikeRadar).

“Elite race bikes historically have been all about making the stiffest machine possible,” said EVO product manager David Devine. “With the new EVO we looked to make the bike even stiffer, but crucially smoother. We also took into account aerodynamic drag.”

Ballistec carbon, size-specific construction and stiffer junctions

By using a base structure of high-strengthfibers and hi-impact resins, Cannondale uses a process similar process to ballistic armor (hence the name). From this base the company uses a mix of hi-mod and continuous fibers to tune the way the bike feels throughout the frame.

Chainstay, seatstay and dropouts are molded as a single item with continuous carbon fibers running throughout the entire structure. Each frame has a different layup per size to ensure the ride quality remains the same throughout the range of sizes; it’s a big investment for Cannondale involving 16 different molds and lay-ups.

Cannondale claims a torsional stiffness increase of 11 percent, up to 63[N/mm], at the bottom bracket. Cannondale says this is the real sweet spot; less and you can feel a little flex in the drivetrain, more and the bike feels overly stiff, and chattery over poorer surfaces.