4iiii Precision power meter – first look

Retrofitted power meter on sale soon for £350

The 4iiii Precision power meter is one of the best value options out there

If the 4iiii Precision power meter lives up to its billing, it could end the ‘which power meter should I buy?‘ conundrum overnight when it begins shipping in March.


The power meter market is going through a period of flux with prices dropping and one-sided meters becoming more common. Provided you already own a compatible crankset, the 4iiii Precision is perhaps the best value option yet at around £350 per side – or £700 for left-right power, around the same price as Stages’ one-leg only set-up.

A small, coin-battery powered dongle containing strain gauges is permanently glued to your existing aluminium crankarm (or crank arms if you want dual-sided power) after sending it to 4iiii. Soon authorised dealers will be able to provide this service too.

Once correctly installed and calibrated, 4iiii claims accuracy of less than one per cent error. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares against the tried and tested Powertap wheel and the SRM-accuracy equalling Garmin Vector.

The Precision adds only 10g per unit (making it one of the lightest power meters in the world) and the battery will give 200 hours’ ride time. Data is transmitted through either ANT+ (company founder Kip Fyfe was one of the protocol’s originators) and Bluetooth Smart, giving easy app compatibility.


We’ll have a set for testing as soon as possible.