5,000 want driver who killed two cyclists re-sentenced

Petition for tougher punishment of Gary McCourt

Aileen Brown and Audrey Fyfe on holiday

More than 5,000 people have urged Scottish prosecutors to appeal a five-year driving ban and 300 hours of community service sentence handed to Gary McCourt, a driver who has killed two cyclists.


Aileen Brown, daughter of Audrey Fyfe who was killed cycling in Edinburgh in 2011, has helped collect the signatures to have Gary McCourt’s “scandalous” sentence reviewed. He was handed the punishment at the beginning of May after he “momentarily” lost concentration and hit Fyfe.

 Previously, McCourt also killed George Dalgity in 1985 and was given a 10-year driving ban at the time.   

The public can support Brown’s case for a tougher re-sentencing– including a lifetime driving ban – via the CTC website. The deadline to sign the letter to Scottish prosecutors will pass on Friday, 31 May.


Aileen Brown, who lives in South West England, is still a passionate cyclist.